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For details, please visit http://www.rusticpathways.com/blog/introducing-the-first-rustic-pathways-foundation-alumni-advisory-board

Blyth Academy Global High School's news covering Daniel on his continual international recognition for his photography projects as he received five awards within two weeks in June 2018. For details, please visit

Rustic Pathways Foundation Completes Project to Deliver Clean Water to Community in Costa Rica. Daniel was mentioned in the article as he was determined to make a change and raised more than USD17,000 for the project. For details, please visit

For details, please visit https://blytheducation.com/news/student-wins-best-photograph-award/ 


Blyth Academy's latest news covering Daniel's recent documentary awards for his project. "For Right and Justice" which he produced during term 4 of his study in South America. For details, please visit